Mens Gold Belcher Chain Necklaces for Sale from the UK

Mens Belcher chains are a very well known and popular chain style, particularly in the UK. Mens Belcher chains are a type of trace (or link) chain made from broad D-shaped wire and is cut and shaped into individual oval, or D-shaped links of similar size and shape interlocked and soldered together. Classic mens belcher chains tend to be sturdy, strong and not as prone to accidental damage or breaking as other types of chains, making them a good choice as a standalone necklace or bracelet.

Gold Belcher FAQ's. If you have any more questions please get in touch using the Contact Us page linked at the bottom of this page.

Are Mens Belcher chains strong?

Mens Gold Belcher chains are quite heavy for their length, so they're one of our more expensive chains. However, because the design has such a heavy, sturdy look, you may be able to wear a narrower length than you would with a lighter design like a mens gold Figaro chain.

Why is it called a belcher chain?

There is lots of confusion over the origin of the belcher chain name and it's history. Believed to originate in 19th century Britain, the simplest theory is it derives it's name from belcher rings and scarves made popular during that time. These accessories, often shortened just to "scarf rings", are still widely used today to fasten scarves around a persons neck. It is thought the belcher chain was influenced by the interlocking rings designed to keep the scarf in place.

Another theory is that it named after the 19th century bare knuckle boxer James "Jem" Belcher who lived around the same time the belcher chain is thought to have been created. He was Champion of England from 1800 to 1805.

Are other mens gold Belcher chains available?

Other mens gold Belcher chains are available by special order, white gold and larger widths. Contact us with your requirements for a quote.

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